Yoga a Waste of Time or What?

I owe my life and well being to yoga. Many years ago, I looked down on this practice, and considered it a waste of time. You would never catch me streching or doing yoga. In fact, I looked at it, as being something women would do. All this changed three years ago, when I found out I had prostatisis. I thought to myself, how could this be possible? I am person, who is totally in shape, I workout six days out of the week, I eat right, I take my supplements, what's going on?

I went to one doctor after the next, taking all kind of medicine, and pain killers, nothing was working. In fact, everyday the pain worsen. I prayed each nite for the Lord to heal me or take me home, because I was pain 24hrs a day. This affected every area of my life. I stopped working out, I didn't go anywhere, and I didn't want to be around anyone. When I was at work, I couldn't wait to go home, and when I was at home, I couldn't wait to go back to work. My life was a living hell, in fact it got so bad, that I considered killing myself.

To make a long story short, one day at work, whiles on the internet, I came across an article, and to my surprise, the person who wrote the article had gone through, just what I was now going through. He called the ailment "muscle dysfunction", and explain how he was cured. It was no miracle drug, but simply yoga. At first I didn't believe, but being in such pain, I said to myself I will try anything to ease the pain. After purchasing a yoga book, and doing the stretches daily, the pain diminished daily. I began to live again, I wasn't healed over night, but the process took about two years. I now, practice yoga each and everyday, in fact it is part of my life. I practice yoga first thing in the morning and last thing at night. To me yoga is like my american express card, "I don't leave home without it" and like my master card, "eating out $55, yoga priceless".

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