Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

Never mind the scale, focus on loosing inches

In my everyday conversation, I often hear both men and women especially talking about loosing weight. Whiles this is good in a sense, in other ways this is not.

Let take in consideration five pounds of fat, what does it look like. I can tell you, not very appealing to the eyes.The texture is soft and without any form, on the other hand, five pounds of solid muscle, it's hard and firm. Much more pleasing to the eyes than fat. I am saying this because, it is more important to loose inches than pounds.

A person can weight 180lbs and look great, on the other hand another individual can weight 20lbs less, and at 160 look fat and out of shape. What is the difference between the two? Quite simply the make-up of their bodies. Where as the person who weighs 180lbs, body mass is 65% muscle, the person who is at 160lbs,their body mass is only 35% muscle. Hence, the big difference in the two person's apperance.

This is one reason why everyone who is physically able should do some type of weight training. Remembering that as we age, we also loose muscle mass. Let's combat this catabolic event and even go harder in the gym, thus we will be able to sustain our muscle mass.

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