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Fitness Plus Magazine is dedicated to promoting the health and fitness lifestyle for both man and women. We firmly believe that a fit, healthy body is a result of proper weight training, cardio exercise, sensible nutrition, and staying drug-free.

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Apple Cider Vinegar Diet Review Apple cider vinegar has been of interest to the Diet World as a remedy for weight loss.

Machines or Free Weights Exercises can typically be done 2 different ways by using machines or free weights.

Overdoing Weight Training The phrase "too much of anything isn't good" applies.

Special Forces Training Ever wondered how elite soldiers get their mind-blowing physiques?

Top 5 Bollywood Celebrity Trainers Physical fitness is a must in the entertainment industry.

Weight Lifting Workout Programs for Beginners Sample workout routines and how to make your own routines.

Weight Loss vs Fat Loss Never mind the scale, focus on loosing inches.

Yoga a Waste of Time or What? Many years ago, I looked down on this practice, and considered it a waste of time.

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